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Jess has always had a real passion for brows! This led her to a new venture in Cosmetic tattooing. She completed intensive training in a few different methods of brow tattooing and also eyeliner, in July 2017. If you are considering permanent makeup, have a look through the different options below, there is something for everyone!

What is it

Permament Makeup, also known as Cosmetic Tattooing or Micropigmentation, is an advanced form of Tattooing in which medical grade pigments are implanted either manually or using a machine, into the dermal layers of the skin. Having the correct brow shape and colour can make a huge difference to your appearance, often taking years off the face!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book in for a consultation.

Where are we

Jess is offering these services from Mini Mint beauty Therapy in Pirongia on Wednesdays & Thursdays (Option for a late appointment on a Thursday can be available).

Bookings can be made online at Brows & Co or by email info@browsandco.co.nz

A $100 deposit will be required to secure bookings, which is deducted from your second appointment (you will require two, 6-8 weeks apart) This is non refundable if 72 hours notice is not given to cancel or reschedule your appointment. A thorough consultation will be done at your first appointment where we will discuss the best options, considering your skin type, life style and preferences. The shape will then be mapped out and colour chosen. Please allow 2 hours for your first brow appointment and approx 1.5 for your follow up.

What to expect

The area will be numbed topically, people will often fall asleep! The healing timeframe will vary from 5-10 days. Do not book an appointment prior to an important event as they will darken before they lighten and scabs/flaking may be present.

There are some contra-indications to these procedures, I will email you a consult form upon booking, your booking will only be secure once we both know we are safe to go ahead. Before booking, please check if any of the following apply to you. Feel free to contact me to discuss;

– Medication such as Blood Thinners, Accutane/Roaccutane, Thyroid, Heart, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Antibiotics, Oral Steroids, Thyroxine, Prescription Pain Meds.

– Any other Auto-Immune Disorders

– Keloid scarring

– Dermatitis/Eczema/Acne in the area

– Botox/Fillers – Botox must be performed at least 2 weeks prior or 4 weeks after. Fillers must be performed 4 weeks prior or 4 weeks after.

– Chemical Peels – must be done 60 days either side. The area must be avoided after tattooing as peels will cause them to prematurely fade

– Difficulties/Reactions to topical Anaesthetic

– Allergies to hair dyes/cosmetics (Patch test may be required)

– Smoking (Slower wound healing)

– Pregnancy/Nursing



** Fish Oil capsules should not be taken two weeks prior to your appointments – these thin the blood and can cause more bleeding, diluting the pigment and causing a lighter healed result.

**Avoid taking pain relief 24 hours prior if possible, this also will thin the blood, as well as alcohol consumption.

**For eyeliner bookings, please stop using Flash/Revitalash or any lash growth serums 2 weeks prior.

In some cases, a third session may be required. I will follow up to see if you are happy with your brows after the second appointment. I will use my own discretion as to if I charge for a third session as sometimes it can be down to incorrect aftercare. If there is a charge you will be quoted.

Depending on which option we decide on, touch ups will be from 9-18 months for brows, eyeliner could be longer. To keep your brows looking their best you will need to protect them from the sun (especially during the healing stage) Avoid applying highly active skincare products to the area, e.g Vitamin A/Retinol – these will prematurely fade the pigment. Chemical Peels & Laser – the area should be covered/avoided as these will also fade the pigment. Look after your investment!!

See below for Frequently asked questions on each option.

FAQ + Aftercare

Powder/Ombre Brows
Download Info Sheet

Combination Brows
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Laybuy is available for all Cosmetic Tattooing.

Before & After